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I saw them on a trip Deep South, and then again on another trip Deep South, during the last few months. They are spectacular. Clearly, they are not spectacular in the way that bombs exploding or cop cars careering through the streets tracking down ne’er-do-wells is spectacular; they are spectacular in that their beauty and natural rarity allow (almost force) a communing with people from other ages who’ve seen these things over the eons.

The phenomenon that there are adult people who don’t care to understand how mindblowing this convergence of physics and human observance is frightens me to my core.

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I fucking told you so.

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did you know?

A normally-proportioned person cannot effect changes on a haptic device (eg: Iphone, Kindle) with their toes. Toes are too far from the electric resonances occurring in the heart that drive haptic responses to allow an effective interface. You can discover this for yourself, while, for instance, shitting on your toilet while reading a Kindle placed on the floor in front of you. A page sweep attempted with either big toe will not elicit the expected response from the device.

Now: you know.

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Mars’ inner moon Phobos is predicted to impact Mars in 30-50 million years. If everyone on Earth gives just one penny per year to the Save Phobos Foundation, Inc, in a few million years we will have enough pennies to make a stack that extends all the way to Phobos, which will probably affect its movement in some way that will more or less prevent things from leading to less desirable things. Please, won’t you give?

Save Phobos Foundation, a division of Prevent Bad Things From Happening LLC, a Colgate Company

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