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Just give it to them


“This way, Mexico will have to pay much less money [for the wall]. And that’s good, right? Is that good?”

I think Trevor’s team missed the point of Trump’s statement, which to me was just a back-handed, veiled dig that reiterated his witless promise to still make Mexico pay for the wall. Why people ever believed that would happen, and why people still believe it, is just a preposterous mystery. As a plot device in a moronic thriller: 1 star.

“I love all people, rich or poor. But in those particular [cabinet] positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?”

Trevor’s larger point that Trump’s supporters fully, utterly support Trump no matter what he says or does is right on target. He is the loudest idiot in a room-full of god damned idiots.

In fact, at this point, my feeling is that we need to let the Republicans pass this health bill as is.

The Democrats will get zero credit with these people for trying to mitigate the more horrific parts of the bill. If a watered-down version, a version that isn’t quite so draconian, gets passed, the Democrats will be blamed for it. “It’s not working because we didn’t get everything we wanted in it” will be said quite loudly, and the clapping people in this video will agree with that, because that’s what they do. People will be miserable, but many of them will blame the Democrats for it.

If, however, the bill passes in its entirety, there will be misery, on a massive scale. The people in this video will suffer. If this bill passes with no input from the left, the cause-and-effect relationship will be as clear as it ever can be.

Just let it pass. It may be the only way to open their eyes.

Or it may not be enough. In which case, we’ll finally know exactly where we stand.


Here’s a thing about being an elitist that didn’t used to be true: if you’re not a god damned moron, you’re an elitist.

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Puerto Rico

If we admit them, we’ll have to admit a slave state too. It’s more complicated than it looks.

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the best age

The twenties were the best. Hardly anyone you knew was dying.

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Oh my God, look at these six people


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“Damn he is playing the hell out of that jug”

Also, that may as well be Wolfman Jack on the keyboard.

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Clocks ticking slowly dividing the day up

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Memo to termites

If you’re so attracted to light, there’s a god damn sun on all during the daytime you can feel free to mob. 

Fucking things.

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thank you for being a friend

Each and every one of the five guys in this video, including Andrew Gold who I assume is the responsible party, had to try to find something in himself that would make doing this alright.

And I think they succeeded. Every face is at peace with the schmaltz.

It’s a sweet song.

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This is not my favorite version of Radiation Vibe

but it’s still awesome. 

Hem’s cover is my go-to version. 

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100 years ago. It is startling how much we’ve lost.

Theda Bara, Cleopatra, 1917.

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Dolores O’Riordan

I love Dolores O’Riordan’s story. I’m a sucker for poor Irish lasses.

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Smoke em if you got em

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Saddle up

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Why go half way?

It’s a singalong, everybody!

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A Given

It is the Lord’s will that you not remain sober all the days of your lives. It pleases Him that you do not.

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Never stood a chance

The Hispaniolan Edible Rat became extinct no later than 1546 AD.

Other species that were wiped out shortly after European settlement include the Cucumber-faced Lumbering Delicious Sloth of Massapequa and the Flightless Ham-sandwiched Lardbird of Nova Scotia.

The world has become less tasty for their loss.

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Who are the adults of the adult world? Lawyers. That’s why everybody hates them, and nobody can do without them.

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$151,000, just sitting there in a market-tracking account, makes as much money every year as a full-time minimum-wage worker.

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