cold hard beer


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cnn’s helpful hints on Ebola identification

“Ebola’s symptoms: Five you need to know”

Actual headline on

“Martian Invasion: will the Dow be affected?” can’t be far behind.

First of all, I’d walk through the newsroom and fire everyone tapping on their cellphones. You and you and you. And you there. Also you.

That’s pretty much the only step.

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this song will fade out

One of my all-time favorite videos. Ron Mael’s strip-tease makes me laugh just thinking about it.

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I hope nothing ever happens to me in my life like that again

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Hocus Pocus, by Focus, always leaves me cheery and laughing. Which I think was one of the main points to it.

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a thing

Here’s my standard, kneejerk response to reading the headline of most articles: “I don’t give a shit about your goddamn xxx.”

I vacillate between thinking I’ve become unbelievably cynical and thinking reportage has become unbelievably cynical. Either way, it’s a painful thing, and becomes exponentially more painful if I *see* a report on television instead of read about it online. Therefore I avoid tv news as much as I can.

God damn Time’s inexorable marching fucking forward.

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Do you do poison?

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how do they put the skin on?

The other Cheese Sketch

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Love has gone away and there’s no one here now, and there’s nothing left to say; but, oh, how I miss him, baby.

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“That’s why I blinged them well up.”

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Women: for god’s sake, sort yourself out

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last of the manatees


Late season manatees? Early season manatees? Beats me. Y’all are supposed to be up in the Everglades right now.

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Christ of the Abyss, Dry Rocks, N 25 07, W 080 17





Shot with my I-phone, encased in a thing!

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Internal go-to replies

From Wikipedia’s newest content:
Did You Know…

… that Swedish singer Jasmine Kara (pictured) has performed in front of singers BeyoncĂ© Knowles and Jay-Z?

One of my standard internal go-to replies to Wikipedia’s “Did You Know” section is “I could not possibly give less of a shit.”

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Molasses Reef, May 8 2013

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Fifteen feet of water, you can see straight down to the bottom. Reef absolutely sloppy with fish. A little reef shark cruising through. Turtles on the way in and out. An outrageous day.  

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Cover the earth

create your own visited country map

Coloring in Paraguay tomorrow, so I’m counting it.

This is my ultra-conservative map. Ninety four countries. I once counted over 100, but there are several African countries I think I’ve been to, but no longer have the records handy to know for sure. Ivory Coast? Who the hell knows anymore.

It’s weird that I have whole countries that I may or may not have ever been to.

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Federated States of GMAFB

Occasionally I have to input ‘Florida’ in an online address block, and a lot of the time the auto-complete that comes up from the drop-down menu is “Federated States of Micronesia.”

I urge the dozen or so people who actually save a couple seconds because of that auto-complete to kiss 20 million Floridian asses.

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NFL logos through the looking glass

Dave’s Art Locker

New Orleans Saints:


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Mr Pepe

Amy: “It’s so huge! How big does one of those things get?”
Fry: “Well, that depends on what one of those things is. That seems like a fact worth knowing.”

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Gentlemen, place your bets

Pope Paul VII; Italian.

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