a wee notice

a wee notice

from this photoblog. It’s a great note, but the editor in me wants to substitute “odd” or “unsettling” for “weird.” “Weird,”  as a word that still means what it was meant to mean, is just about dead.

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4 Responses to a wee notice

  1. Drew Bixcube says:

    I think any qualifier dilutes the oddness of it. What could be more unsettling than “then he plays games with them.”? It’s completely open to (probably creepy) interpretation.

    But yeah, “weird” is way off. He could definitely use an editor.

  2. annie says:

    hmm I think the “high above you” part brings out my inner editor more.. if he’s going to all this trouble, clearly he’s playing some sort of game, by default rife with weird.. but if he’s taking a photograph from high above you, then wouldn’t the wee model more likely be of the top of one’s head? hmmmm i say hmmmm . Lunchtime fascination begging to be shared: twigwork.net- Patrick Dougherty is visiting artist at Cornell and is constructing one of his sapling structures right across from my lunching locale- i’ve been watching for a few days now as his student minions, clearly college youth unused to something as tangible as a sapling, stripping leaves away and handing them over a fence, or , if it’s their lucky moment, then ascending the scaffolding to place the sapling… also reading George Saunders – The Falls from Pastoralia’s my current favorite.. later,fAnnie, who should probably just start her own darn blog.

  3. ectostan says:

    Couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Yeah, no qualifier is the best qualifier here.

  4. ectostan says:

    The picture is made, I think, by having representative windows in the background and a representative little model’s crude, pensive head above the note. The downturned mouth-slit is just right. The model has moved beyond initial horror into resigned hopelessness.

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