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Good dogs

Good dogs just know to stick with their person everywhere, even when things aren’t going their way at the moment. Just know it: “Sticking with this lost four year-old is my best and only option right now.” Stick to them … Continue reading

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Proof that there are rocks on top of other rocks out there in space

It’s hard not to imagine standing there, as far from home as you could be.   More super interesting stuff from the Rosetta Probe.

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They’re ALL going to die

I just noticed that they’re all going to die. They’re all going to die. I need to stop saying “Oh, that’s too bad” when celebrities keel over, because they’re all going to do that at some point, until I do. … Continue reading

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I look at a video of some pet ferret doing ferret things, with uniquely lovable ferret-y interactions with its people and I think “they could be incorporated.” The weltanshauung has enough room for a third beast and its peculiar shenanigans. … Continue reading

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Greenland today

Earlier today!

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Violent E pauses to philosophize in Jarkhand

That took longer than I thought it would

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because for fuck-sake, art

It should be taken as a given that intelligent criticism of any art is that-art-based, and not a denial of that form to be an art.

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It’s kind of old, but it’s a handy link. Epicaricacy.

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Miss USA

Go pat yourselves on the back for trying to regain relevancy, you superannuated fucks.  Why do we have pageants in 2017? This century isn’t what I imagined it to be at all.  

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This man is super-confident in his brand of armor

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How to tell if the new guy is just, what, racist?

Camus believes that all Western countries are faced with varying degrees of “ethnic and civilizational substitution.” He points to the increasing prevalence of Spanish, and other foreign languages, in the United States as evidence of the same phenomenon. Although his … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of the English Sentence

“Evidence shows that the most insular scientific communities have led the march away from elaborated sentences in favor of complex, compressed nouns: Science articles in specialist publications such as the Journal of Cell Biology contain fewer relative clauses and more … Continue reading

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Peanuts is being re-run on GoComics. “Jesus!” is a comment under this one. Several replies to the comment are standard Jesus-freak bullshit, but I laughed.

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The 21st Century

She’s cuddling him to get ahead in the dog-eat-dog world of zoos and nature preserves.

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What is this god-damned idiot’s infatuation with unraveling healthcare? Q: Did you ever think we’d have a certifiable moron as President? A: Not in my most sinister nightmares.

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Valhalla Rising

It’s worth watching the whole thing.

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John Mulaney

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Acoustic “I Want to Tell You about What I Want”

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Norm MacDonald is another in a series of ‘3 Stooges’ kind of guys, not that his humor is any kind of the same, but that women don’t get him. What the fuck up is with women?

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Spinnewebe From the dawn of the net. Probably mostly Bboard days. I discovered this at the very end, where these people were months from moving on. I miss those days sometimes.

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