Carrollton Station

In an equally probable universe, instead of the F and M, if we hadn’t wanted to see so many lesbians, we would’ve gone to Carrollton Station. Legendary ex-home of the Chicken Drop. The problem with Carrollton, though, is that one needs to plan for the aftermath. There is no real food at Carrollton, so if we ended up here, we would starve unless food was already positioned at Music Street.

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8 Responses to Carrollton Station

  1. Drew Bixcube says:

    “…if we ended up here, we would starve unless food was already positioned at Music Street.”

    And it’s not. You just know it’s not. Damn you Katrina! Damn you to hell you pizza-delivery-establishment-destroying bitch!

  2. ectovan says:

    In *this* universe, I still have 2 sixes of Liberty that our alternate selves drank a long time ago.

    I think I fixed the FF map thing; it was choking on the ampersand in F&M in the last two posts for some reason. Weird.

  3. ectovan says:

    That other universe is waaaay better than this one.

  4. Drew Bixcube says:

    I just threw up in the ladies room, so I’m ready for the next bar, please. Rivershack? Cooter’s? Bulldog in Mid-City? THE CROWN?

  5. ectovan says:

    Sadly, even the alternate me is too old for that. One more post coming up at 11:45, which, as you well know, is when I usually turn into a pumpkin. The alternate me is no different from me, except he’s much drunker, bless him.

  6. ectovan says:

    Oops, my mistake, it’s scheduled for 11:13. Apparently we’re pretty drunk.

  7. Drew Bixcube says:

    Whereas *my* alternate me is some kind of superkind wunderman, who is ready to go the dista…aaackkggg. Ooops, back to the ladies rooaaggghh…

  8. ectovan says:

    I brainfarted the C&A, else I would’ve included it, if only as a very rare, but very valuable possible alternative.

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