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exciting times

If Hillary Clinton is elected, it will mark only the second time that a married couple has been elected individually to the Presidency, following Grover Cleveland and husband Benjamin Cleveland Harrison. Truly a remarkable accomplishment.

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death of lol. Also, asshat.

  “Lol is dead, Facebook says — ‘haha’ is the new way to say that you’re laughing“ Also, Burger King and their yip advertising gimmick What a bunch of transparent asshats. Can I say ‘asshat’ anymore? First they came for … Continue reading

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did you know?

A normally-proportioned person cannot effect changes on a haptic device (eg: Iphone, Kindle) with their toes. Toes are too far from the electric resonances occurring in the heart that drive haptic responses to allow an effective interface. You can discover … Continue reading

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Mars’ inner moon Phobos is predicted to impact Mars in 30-50 million years. If everyone on Earth gives just one penny per year to the Save Phobos Foundation, Inc, in a few million years we will have enough pennies to … Continue reading

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