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I will outlast Alan Greenspan

The Fed chairman rejected theories that the world will soon run out of oil. “If history is any guide, oil will eventually be overtaken by less-costly alternatives well before conventional oil reserves run out,” Greenspan said. The man is a … Continue reading

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confessions of a car salesman

Confessions This should be required reading for anyone who gets within 200 yards of a car dealership. “The other boxes on the 4-square are for the price of the trade-in, the amount of the customer’s down payment, and the amount … Continue reading

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When you see one of these in a Sharper Image catalog, remember that you saw it here first.

I have to assume that this is illegal, since I haven’t seen it yet. It’s certainly evil. It’s a car gizmo, a scrolling messenging system that would plug into the lighter receptacle. The messaging scroll would be affixed to the … Continue reading

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