Chris Rock is absolutely right

Not about his saying that only gays watch the Oscars; that’s just extravagant. But when he is supposed to have said

“Awards for art are f—-ing idiotic.”

he was absolutely right.

Of course awards for arts are fucking idiotic. It’s not a race. No one’s getting the crap punched out of them. There are no winners and losers. It’s ART, for chrissake. Picasso never secretly pined for an award. DaVinci didn’t have an emergency thank-you speech in his back pocket, like a condom.

I mean no disrespect to the real actors who go to the Oscars; they have to. We live in a world that punishes the nonconformist and the disinterested. They’ve got to go if they want to continue to work. But they know. It’s idiotic.

Appreciation of art is far too personal to be codified.

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