Directv vs Cable. Cable.

I’ve had Directv for probably 5 or 6 years now, and I’ll probably keep them until we move. But I’m not happy. It’s not the reception, that’s fine. And I get Comedy Central, which I understand my local cable company doesn’t carry, which is spectacularly boneheaded. And I do also get local channels, but it’s complicated, and actually the fault of the local cable company (Cox? Warner? Cox-Warner?) that it is so complicated, and I don’t actually get the local local channel WLOX because that’s more impossible than complicated, for several reasons that are just too damn complicated to go into right now.

But I’m not happy, and I’ll fire Directv as soon as I have a viable cable alternative for two reasons:

1) Directv cold calls my cellphone. Nobody calls my cellphone except people I know. Directv is not allowed to have a conversation with me on my cellphone.

2) Directv believes I think of my friends as one hundred dollar bills. Is that a cold, cold commercial, or what?

It’s almost time to switch gigantic, faceless corporations.

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