I can’t remember

The war’s been going on so long, I can’t remember if I was originally for it or against it.

If I was for it, that only means the lies were successful. If I was against it, good for me. If I qualified my opinion, I was just being my usual qualifying self.

The war’s been going on so long.

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  1. Phineas says:

    I think I was agin it, but gave the prez the benefit of the doubt up to a point. He claimed he knew stuff the rest of us didn’t know, and apart from generally being skeptical, who was I to know for sure he was lying? It was not proven that he was lying yet, at least not widely accepted that he was lying. Plus the support of congress went a long way to reassuring me that there was substance to the claims.

    So the lies did work on me, I confess, which pisses me off all the more.

    It’s been going on forever, plus it costs a buttload of money:


  2. drew says:

    It’s sort of weird to reply to this — hard not to sound vindicated or something. I existed then, as I do now, in an echo-chamber of journos and bloggers who said the things I preferred to believe. I never once felt that W was privy to intelligence that Seymour Hersh or some uppity blogger couldn’t get ahold of. In fact, my sense all along was that they didn’t even try very hard to lie to us, just sort of told us what they were going to do, made up some reasons why, and predicted extremely badly what would be the outcome. There was never a quiet moment in the echo-chamber that allowed me to consider that the Iraq strategy had any merit or chance of success.

    The point I’m trying hard to make is that I don’t get credit for choosing my conclusions first and finding the input to match them. It sounds like you guys worked much harder to make sense of it than I ever bothered to.

  3. ecto says:

    I honestly don

  4. arcturus says:

    I remember an email from ecto that said “There are times when war is necessary. This is not one of those times.” It made an impression on me because it succinctly expressed my opinion as well. Not anti-war, just anti-THIS-war.

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