I certainly wouldn’t call it ‘anal retentiveness’

Example of a badly mis-loaded dishwasher

I am the world’s greatest dishwasher loader. As such, I find it disturbing when I’ve been away and come back to find some simple folk have attempted to load it. There are so many things they don’t know how to do correctly: distribute the glasses and the plastic cups in a checkerboard fashion, so no cups up-end themselves in the washing process, fill up with sudsy, crappy water, and have to be washed again; place only the shorter saucers in the center of the bottom rack, so the sprayer does not hang up on any tall dinner plates as it whirls and sprays; distribute the utensils evenly in the utensil compartments so that every knife, fork, and spoon gets clean; place measuring cups face-down in the top rack with the little circle in the little handle through a rack tine so they don’t turn over; bowls only fitted into the forward area of the bottom rack, perpendicular to the plates, because that is how they go.

And should one overfill the dishwasher, to the point that nothing can possibly get clean and one has to run the whole load again? No, one should not.

Can this complicated system of loading a dishwasher, one that makes me the greatest dishwasher loader in the world, be taught to other people? The simple folk? Apparently no, it cannot.

Is this an example of extreme anal retentiveness that I do this, and that I’m incredibly irritated that simple folk don’t treat the act of loading a dishwasher with the respect any art should be accorded? No. No it is not.

It’s pretty clear–common sense, really– that anal retentiveness is a trait only other people have.

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