“I pledge to help you muddle through your lives as best you can” –John McCain

Obama lays out energy, tax plans, criticizes McCain’s – CNN.com

Obama says McCain’s gas tax plan would “actually do real harm” and take “$3 billion a month out of the highway trust fund and hand it over to the oil companies.”

Doug Holtz-Eakin, the McCain campaign’s senior policy adviser, told reporters in a conference call Thursday that McCain “is not out of touch with the pressure on gasoline prices. He proposed a gas tax suspension for the summer that would put $600 in the pocket of a trucker buying diesel fuel, take some of the pressure off the price increases of all the things that they deliver, help American families get through the summer.”

So McCain is focusing on getting us all through the next few months. If we can just make it through the summer.

Finally! A politician who understands the underlying desperation and pointlessness of existence!


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