I’d make a shitty Buddha

Every once in a while I tap in to a lode of enlightenment. Suddenly, things are clearer than they used to be: of course we’re all brothers and sisters; of course we’re here to make each other’s time in this vale of tears a little more pleasant; of course there are moral decisions to be made, great and little, and the decisions I make dictate how my life will turn out.

Then I get behind some motherfucker in an SUV who doesn’t know how to use his god damn blinker, moronically cruising at 50 miles an hour in the left lane on the interstate, and I urgently need to crush his microcephalic head with my bare hands. With my bare hands I would do this.

Verily, I’d make a shitty Buddha.

(that’s the Avery Island Buddha House, home to the 2nd largest Buddha in the greater Atchafalaya River basin)

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