It felt good to be alive

Right there, right then

Of all the possible futures we could see in 1989, how did we end up in this one?  What the fuck happened?

It hurts to see the exuberance expressed in this song. And we all felt it! You remember it! The joy.  Knowing that when you turned on the television, you were going to hear yet another good thing come out of it.

Wasn’t that great? It was great! Watching the news was, in 1989, fan-tas-tic.  It wasn’t this continuous… Ode to Pain we’ve had falling into our living rooms for a decade now.

What the fuck happened?

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  1. ecto says:

    On a more or less related note, Gang of Four’s ‘Natural’s Not In It’ as the commercial song for Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’? My entire young adulthood is being systematically raped.

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