Pandora’s Jar

What if you could rip an mp3 from your Pandora station for free? Would you enjoy that, or would you fear that the end of Pandora is in sight?

Doesn’t matter what you think. If it can be done, it will be done, and this can be done. This thread explains how to do it.

Their program can be used to prettify the process, but you can also just go to C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Local Settings\Temp\plugtmp (or wherever your ‘plugtmp’ file resides) and see a whole bunch of files called ‘access,’ access-1,’ etc. These are mp3 files. Give them .mp3 suffixes, and you just turned the songs you were listening to in Pandora into luscious, luscious mp3 files. It only works in Firefox (the temp file in IE is named something else, I guess), and only as long as you have Pandora running. Save the songs outside of the plugtmp file, because that disappears when you stop running Pandora.

Of course, when you’re finished listening to those songs in your own media player on your own time, be sure to delete them, as keeping them indefinitely on your hard drive would be wrong.

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2 Responses to Pandora’s Jar

  1. ectovan says:

    just a little update: the files being saved in plugtmp are not called ‘access*’ anymore, they’re being named using long strings of numbers. Renaming them with a .mp3 suffix still works, though. Pandora must change the naming scheme from time to time for some reason. If they ever change the tmp folder itself to something else, the easiest thing to do would probably be to run a search for “last created” folderd while Pandora is running, and it would be one of those.

  2. ectostan says:

    another update: this manual rename-and-drag doesn’t work anymore. Pandora’s Jar *does* work, though. It’s fun to watch, it’s like a miniature arms race; the hackers find a workaround, pandora squelches it, etcetera. Right now, the latest iteration of PJ combined with a rollback of Flash to version 8 (along with a small change in pluginreg.dat to fool Pandora into thinking you have version 9 (all explained here and there on the site)) works like a champ. I’m a time-shifting fool once more.

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