Amalgamated Conglomerates, Inc (Ecto Division) is proud to present a new public service* for your listening enjoyment. Under “Links” in the sidebar is a new entry. Merely click on it, enter the password**, and you will be seconds away from enjoying the same sounds that we here at corporate headquarters are currently enjoying.

Don’t forget to enjoy it.

*”public,” in this context, means “private.”
**Where in Cajun Country should you periodically find yourself carousing like all get-out? Remember: a space is good, but capitalization is bad. And if you don’t know the password immediately, don’t despair: just email us at corporate headquarters at the usual address, and we’ll fix you right up. If we know you.
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3 Responses to PSA

  1. Drew Bixcube says:

    This is a very cool service! I like the song. In fact, it was the single best song I heard while I was listening to it! No other song came close to being a better song that I was hearing at the same time I was hearing this song.

  2. ectostan says:

    There will be plenty more best songs that you’ve ever currently been hearing in the future! That’s a promise we here at Ecto Conglomerates Amalgamated (a Noisome Company) can make without stint or compromise!

  3. arcturus says:

    Judging today’s tune on the standard 5-point-must system, I’m giving it a 7 (two extra points awarded for well-executed cow-belling).

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