Psychology: the worthless science

Older people can’t remember who they’ve told what, study suggests

It’s just one useless study after another. It’s the same goddamn stuff rehashed decade after decade.

To investigate the effects of aging on destination and source memory, researchers recruited 40 college students between the ages of 18 to 30, and 40 older adults between the ages of 60 to 83. In one experiment, participants read 50 facts aloud to the images of 50 celebrities on a computer screen. Next, they were asked to remember which fact they told to which person. For example, they might have told a picture of Oprah Winfrey that “A dime has 118 ridges around it.” This experiment measured destination memory: Whom did you tell what?

I don’t even care. The researchers who set up this experiment, the people who published it, and the peers who reviewed it should all be flogged. Of what possible use can this information be? Never mind the short term, where its uselessness is painfully obvious; of what possible use can this information ever be?

“It’s part of a big jigsaw puzzle. We’ll see how it fits eventually.” Fucking bullshit. Whatever puzzle it’s a part of will have long ago been thrown out by real scientists doing real science before it could conceivably have any use.

Psychology, bluntly, should be transferred to university communication departments so it can better fulfill its sole remaining reason for existence: how to build a better propaganda machine. As a science, it’s an embarrassing disaster.

I swear I wish I could get into a time machine, go back to 1983, and shoot myself to keep me from deciding to major in this worthless, backward, gap-toothed relative of the real sciences.

Or have I already told you that?

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