Rumsfeld’s head – Head of U.S. command: Iraq civil war possible – Aug 3, 2006


Clinton also criticized Rumsfeld for underestimating the Taliban, when he said in late 2002 that the group no longer existed in Afghanistan. The Taliban, which harbored Osama bin Laden, has since resurfaced with a vengeance.The defense secretary responded to Clinton. “Are there setbacks? Yes. Are there things that people can’t anticipate? Yes. Does the enemy have a brain and continue to make adjustments on the ground requiring our forces to make adjustments? You bet,” he said.

“Is that going to continue to be the case? I think so. Is this problem going to get solved in the near term about this long struggle against violent extremism? No, I don’t believe it is.”

What’s the deal with Fuckhead answering his own questions? “Do I believe you’re all complete morons incapable of seeing my crude manipulation of interviews so I don’t answer questions I have no answer for? Of course. Even though I do it over and over and over and over again? You’d better believe it.”

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