run like hell, part 3



This pell-mell stampede toward reducing everything to a list is killing me. Are we that stupid? Are the media that cynical? Are we now god damn babies who can’t think or attend to anything unless it’s in bullet format?

Hell: 12 reasons your God is angry with you

Cereal: is it good for us? 7 things to know

Life: top 10 reasons we’re unbelievably fucked

“Ebola: 5 reasons not to panic” is in my top 12 most ludicrous things I’ve ever read anywhere. I’ve got to stop consuming media. I’m prepared to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Seven reasons I should throw the baby out with the bathwater, news at 11.



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3 Responses to run like hell, part 3

  1. Kwan P says:

    I hope you die of Ebola!

  2. Joe S says:

    Not getting enough VI-AG-RA?

  3. Kal-el O says:

    John 3:14:15:9

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