step 1: open checklist. step 2: frown in mounting desperation.

On Star Trek, everyone is competent, even the guys in red. It’s not their fault they die. But in the 25th century or whenever Star Trek is supposed to happen, when those days really come, of course no one will know his job quite so well as they do on startrek. Problems will arise; they’ll have to break out the checklists and operating manuals. Things will take a long time to do if they can’t be done automatically.

In essence, the machines will be engineered beyond the casual understanding of the crew, and they’ll be commonly locked out of things that should work. The machines will work as designed, they just won’t be designed with the average starship crewman in mind. The machines will be baffling.

This is how it will really be. There will be no Scotty suggesting an obscure tactic in the heat of the moment that just might work. There will be no Jean Luc outfoxing the Borg time and again.

Bones will be there, though. Bones will say “He’s dead Jim” much more frequently than the series leads one to believe.

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