flying map center test

test of flying map center

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3 Responses to flying map center test

  1. cyberhobo says:

    Weeeeeeeeeee! One more time!

    I may someday have a mailing address in Livingston, home of the Escapees Club. I also once sold a Christmas tree there, while on a bike tour. :D

  2. ectovan says:

    I basically tossed a dart in the air to come up with that lat/long ;). Dylan, your post_link tag really did the trick. No need for separate Mashup pages at all.

    I’ve been mesmerized by this plugin for the last 30 hours; I can’t stop tinkering with the thing. Why, I’ve put off drinking the last of my Liberty Ale because it’s simply too far from the computer.

  3. cyberhobo says:

    Believe me, I’ve learned to grab my beer before I sit down at the computer.

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