the balcony

More beers, more talk, much sitting outside in the freezing cold. The Balcony is a nice place for a 45 minute sit in the winter. But we’d best have been moving on.

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3 Responses to the balcony

  1. Drew Bixcube says:

    WHERE ARE WE GOING NEXT!!!! I’m having such a blast!

  2. Arcturus says:

    Mmmmm, The Balcony. If you must leave, how ’bout one quick pitcher of Liberty at The Bulldog??

  3. Drew Bixcube says:

    Sorry, man. The Bulldog is spilling over into the A&P parking lot across the street. Besides, we have stuff to discuss, which is impossible when 200 Tulane and Loyola Freshman are competing to see who can say “WHOOO!” the loudest. So it’s off to …

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