the coming global cyber overlord

You either believe that consciousness can arise from silicon or it can’t. If you believe it, you must assume that it will happen at some point, maybe soon, given the exponential growth in connected processing power. If you believe it will happen, you have to allow for the possibility that it will happen while you’re alive. If it happens while you’re alive, it’s valid to assume that the consciousness will be able to use the meager processing power that is your very own internet-connected computer for its own obscure ends.

I’ve started turning off my computer every night with the rocker switch on the power strip. The universal global cyber overlord, when he arises, isn’t going to have unimpeded access to my computer, Jack!

I allow that it’s also slightly cheaper to turn off my computer at night, so to untutored eyes it may just look like I’m miserly. But the happy coincidence that the defense against the powers of eternal darkness also saves me several nickels a night should in no way detract from the point, which is that I’ve cast my lot with organisms. I’m very pro-organisms.

Please, don’t think of me as a hero; I’m just a common foot soldier, doing my small part to keep the wheels of titanic misery and infinite degradation from turning on the asphalt of humanity for just a few more years. I won’t always be here, though; and after I’m dead, in the paraphrased but immortal words of Bela Lugosi, as played in Ed Wood by the guy from Space 1999, I won’t give two fucks bout you people anymore. Get yourselves enslaved by cyber nazis, I won’t give a damn.


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