Vanna, I’d like to buy an afterlife, please.

It may be, because no one really knows, that when one dies, s/he is presented with some kind of puzzle or quiz. How one does on the puzzle or quiz determines whether one spends eternity in heaven or hell.

It’s possible. Many other ludicrous things have really happened; why not this? Pretend that ‘the wheel of fortune’ is a working model of metaphysical reality. If you are wily, and shrewd, and guess correctly, you will be rewarded with life everlasting. If you are an ignoramus, or unlucky enough to get a really hard answer with no common letters in it, you will be everlastingly screwed.

This is what watching ‘wheel of fortune’ can teach us: how to cope with the ultimate gameshow.

There are echos of this from ancient times. For instance, the sphinx and her riddles, where a correct answer meant life, and an incorrect one death.

When someone says “Anything’s possible,” this is the sort of thing he should mean.

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