40 winks

— I felt like I only got 40 winks last night.

— You know “40 winks” is considered a good night’s sleep, right?

— Not by me, it isn’t. “40 winks” sounds like something I could do on the sofa during a commercial. I need a lot more winks than that to have a good night’s sleep.

— That’s odd; I always thought of “40 winks” as rather a lot. Like you’d only get that many if you were in a coma or something.

— That is odd.

— How many winks do you think should equal a good night’s sleep?

— 600.

— 600? Who are you, Rip Van Winkle?

— 600 winks. Anything less and I’m groggy all morning.

— Far out. Me, I only need 12 winks to feel sharp.

— Why do they call them “winks,” anyway?

— That’s a good question. I don’t know. Maybe they called them “blinks” and then it transmogrified somehow.

— It’s possible.

— Even if they didn’t call them blinks, maybe we should.

— Why?

— Well, maybe we could agree on how many blinks constituted a good night’s sleep. That way we’d be on the same page.

— Should we be on the same page? Is that something we should strive for?

— I don’t know; it’s hard to tell. I’m kind of tired.

— Why? How many winks did you get last night?

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