alternate universe ectostan comments on 2-0 Saints

Editor’s note: Because this universe’s New Orleans Saints have fallen apart quicker than 2 dollar tennis shoes and crushed the hopes and dreams of millions of fans who felt that maybe, MAYBE this was the year that the Saints would actually put to rest the “flash in the pan” talk that so ineluctably rises the year after the team does anything good, we’ve asked the ectostan in Alternate Universe #35 to speak today about how it feels to live in a world in which Sean, Drew, Deuce, Reggie, et al have been playing up to the hype and crushing their opponents so thoroughly that there has been talk around the league of instituting a 60 point “mercy rule” that would come into play at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Ectostan: “How does it feel to inhabit such a magical world?”

Ectostan 35: “It feels great!”

The New Orleans Saints: 2 and 0 with no real competition on the horizon. We now return you to your normal, painfully predictable existence.

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  1. drew bixcube says:

    Ask Ecostan 35 how many teams they expect to forfeit rather than face decimation. I was thinking it might be 2, but now I’m wondering if 3 or 4 might be just as likely.

    Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

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