Why hasn’t some paleontologist named a newly-discovered sauropod “brontosaurus” sometime in the last 100 years? That would keep me from having to hear from pedants that what people still call a brontosaurus is really an apatosaurus, again and again and again. If some paleontologist designated some entirely *new* fossilized creature a brontosaurus, then we could say something like “Well, we *used* to call this a brontosaurus, but it turns out this one over here is one instead.” That way everyone would win: I could have a sauropod that I could rightfully refer to using the outrageously cool name ‘brontosaurus,’ while the pedants could fill in the back story about how the nomenclature evolved.

I mean, really: “Brontosaurus.” “Thunder Lizard.” You telling me that word should go down in the history books as an unfortunate mistake? Beaten out by “Apatosaurus,” greek, I think, for ‘squeaking breakfast lizard?’


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  1. Brian says:

    Completely agree. Also, they need to find a planet to name “Pluto”, and rename Pluto “Little Pluto”.

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