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John Mulaney

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the Frito Bandito This will either slap you to the ground in a fit of nostalgia (if you remember it) or do something else I know not what (if you don’t).

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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead | I will miss knowing he’s out there somewhere. Bill Nye, remember to take your medicine.

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I’m a reasonable man – Captors of Fox journalists set 72-hour deadline – Aug 24, 2006 As a reasonable man, I deplore the taking of hostages for any purpose. In the spirit of compromise, however, I am willing to allow exceptions.

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“whoever shoots the fewest grouse has to go through the spanking machine”

Colbert loses it from (now from ectoblog, in order to remove the irritating massdestraction logo. It’s a realmedia file, but I couldn’t find anything else mpg file.) You’ve probably seen it, but I hadn’t. There’s something about great comics … Continue reading

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American Inventor

I accidentally saw a piece of this show last night or the night before. I haven’t felt so much pain sitting in front of a television since… I was going to say “since the last time I watched I Love … Continue reading

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“Teen Disappears”

Teen Disappears What’s weird is that the national press just got done publicly flagellating themselves over the newsworthiness of the last pretty white kid who got kidnapped. Dear Press: what is wrong with you?

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King of all the midget robots

“Lost in Space” is on the very fringe of my memories from childhood. It came out in ’65; too early for me to notice. I’m not sure when it was cancelled. Somehow I remember watching the show, so it had … Continue reading

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the Olympics

There is an alternate reality— you’re just going to have to trust me on this— wherein it’s finally my turn to be Galactic President. In this alternate reality, as Galactic President, I have definite views on what should and what … Continue reading

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Mayor McCheese and other corporate shills

I despise companies that try to force me to learn new words for old things. I walk into a hamburger joint, I’m ordering a hamburger. A big mac? No, get me a god damn hamburger. Would you like a grande … Continue reading

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