a battery-operated village elder

Celestron SkyScout

Simply point the SkyScout at any star in the sky and click the “target” button.
The SkyScout will tell you what object you are looking at.

A lot like what I wanted in this post, only without having a village elder to feed. I could get this for free, for all intensive porpoises. The only reason I know about it is that my AmEx ‘rewards’ program lists it as a reward. I have just enough points to get it.

I probably should, shouldn’t I? It’s an expert village elder, very reasonably priced.

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2 Responses to a battery-operated village elder

  1. annie says:

    as a fellow village elder (different village, obviously), i vote Yea.

  2. ectostan says:

    Done! I have a village elder being Fed Exed to me as I type!

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