Don’t forget your moonglasses

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Eclipse set to be ‘best in years’

[Robert Massey, spokesman for the UK’s Royal Astronomical Society] added that [the eclipse] was totally safe to observe and no protective filters were needed because the Moon would actually be less bright than during a normal full moon.

So, perfesser, what yer sayin is that I kin look at the sun without goggles r such, now, too, right? Am I hearin you right? Whyn’t yew mumbledy-peg eggheads make up yer minds already!

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2 Responses to Don’t forget your moonglasses

  1. annie says:

    …i hope it wasn’t all that amazing, my dang old E-clipse got a-snowed out! Sure, it’s all clear and crisp out now, with an excellent “moon on the breast of new-fallen snow lent the lustre of midday to objects below” and shit.. but During the eclipse it was just grey and snowy. shoot. Please advise as to eclipsitude in kinder climes… on the other hand, did consume some fine cheese fondue and wine and Eclipse dark chocolate with Moro blood oranges in honor of the occasion.

  2. ectostan says:

    I didn’t see it either, on account of I forgot about it. By the time I remembered, there were already web stories about how great it *was*.

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