good news!

You know what? All the shit that’s happening in the middle east right now? It’s all going to blow over. Seriously. I can’t get excited by it. Of course bad things happen; they happen all the time there. Doesn’t matter what the US does, bad things will happen there. Doesn’t matter that Condi and George are incredible assholes, they don’t matter to Israel or Syria or the Hezbollah.

The fact that Condi has decided that the conflict should continue because a ceasefire won’t accomplish anything? No one over there cares what she says.

It’s all going to blow over. And I think one reason why it’s going to have no lasting effect is that everyone world-wide will breathe such a sigh of relief when we elect a real president in ’08 that we–the US–will have to behave like enormous dicks to fritter that feeling of relief away.

I guarantee it. Take it from me, the guy who lives in a world in which Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry were all presidents. And damn good ones, too.

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