Today I retired my ‘GetYourWarOn’ link from its regular spot in the always-open ‘Humor’ folder in my bookmarks to its new spot in the almost-always-closed ‘Old Humor’ sub-folder. It was indeed a sad day, but David Rees left me no choice when he retired GYWO. What’s he got left at after GYWO’s gone? Ironic overuse of ‘lol’s and ‘rofl’s? That goes only so far. In fact, Wednesday Feb 11 2009 is as far as it goes.

So now the link is officially retired to a sub-folder. It had a good run, but now it’s over. And it’s not like it’s in bad company, either; lots of good old links creaking around down here, links that gave a lot of value once upon a time. Like ‘’ and ‘Halfbakery links.’ And ‘LILEKS (James) Welcome!’ And ‘SpinWeb’ and ‘’ and ‘Fuck the South.’ And ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture…’ and ‘Institute for Naming Children H…’ and ‘ Updated d…’ and ‘sometimes, Sigmund,’.  And even ‘Doonesbury;’ Doonesbury is down here in the Old Humor sub-folder, but only because my Doonesbury fix is now supplied from the ‘Chron comics page’ link in the main folder.

The Old Humor sub-folder has value; I open it from time to time. Every few weeks or months, I remember it’s down here, and roll through some of the offerings in four or five minutes, to see if the links still go somewhere. It’s not like the ‘really old humor’ sub-sub folder, which only gets an airing every year or so, and from which there’s nowhere to go but away. It’s not like that.

So now the Humor folder is pared back down to places I really do go every day or every other day, places like ‘Chron comics page,’ and ‘Comics I Don’t Understand,’ and ‘The Onion,’ and ‘Museum of Hoaxes.’ Except for ‘Museum of Hoaxes,’ which I really don’t click on all that much anymore. Not much at all anymore, really.

I guess I need to review the ‘Museum of Hoaxes’ charter soon, see what the hell that’s still doing up there.

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  1. drew says:

    Damn. I didn’t know. Damn.

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