Her name’s Yossarian, Pa.

CNN.com – Mistaken identity shifts grief after deadly accident – May 31, 2006

The severely injured young woman was in a coma for a time, but the family’s blog detailed the many small steps she made toward recovery: feeding herself applesauce, playing Connect Four with a therapist. But as her condition improved, Laura Van Ryn’s family realized they had the wrong woman, and Colleen Cerak realized she had not buried her daughter.

‘Hello Papa,’ said Yossarian.

‘Hello Giuseppe.’

‘His name is Yossarian, Pa.’

‘I can’t get over how terrible he looks,’ the father said.

‘Be thankful you’re healthy.’

‘Be bitter you’re not going to stay that way.’

‘Be glad you’re even alive.’

‘Be furious you’re going to die.’

‘Things could be much worse,’ she cried.

‘They could be one hell of a lot better,’ he answered heatedly.

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