Hotspot III

I’ve spent the last three hours mesmerized by the free wireless connection that my laptop has tapped into. I was able to download many programs that I’ve come to depend on while using my regular ‘puter, but have been too lazy to transfer to the laptop via my linksys cables and paraphernalia.

And yet, 95% of these programs had to do with the web. Only one—winamp—had any use beyond it. So now that I’ve done all this, I’m left with a kind of embarrassing realization: this free connection doesn’t really matter. It’s not going to make me get rid of the dsl connection I’m paying for; it’s too haphazard for that (not to mention too fraught with concerns of morality, or at least courtesy). It does allow me to sit in a completely different room while I surf, true. Frankly, though, the comfiest comfy chair in the house is the one that I’m sitting in now, in front of my ‘mainframe.’

So what I’m left with is the sly joy of receiving something I already have for no more than I’m already paying.

I thought this was going to be more fun than that. One reads of actual people who drive around in their cars looking for unencrypted wireless connections, and I never had reason to question the sly motivation to do that before now.

I guess it’s because they’re up to no good.

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