It would be a big help to me if there weren’t so many idiots

What is it about Southern Progress that makes it suck so? Are the natives just thoughtless idiots? Probably; they probably are. In all probability, they are. Idiots is what they are, probably. You know what I bet? I bet they’re idiots.

Some places do Progress right. California’s pretty good at it; the greenbelts between towns were incredibly farsighted. Germany and most of Europe are good at it. Very good. I lived in Germany, a crowded place, in two different neighborhoods, and in both places I could walk down the road and five minutes later be in dark forest.

Here, I can’t do that. First of all, there’s no walking here; there aren’t any sidewalks. Also, there are no public forests. There are NO public forests here. There’s Desoto, which is all well and good for the people of Wiggins and north Saucier (and greater Bumfuck and east Jesus), but it does me no good. There are woods here, but people own them, and they’re fenced and festooned with “no trespassing” signs.

If California or Germany “progressed” like southern Mississippi, they would be hellholes. Southern Mississippi is not a hellhole yet, but with double the population and no change to the “business friendly” land laws, it will turn into hell.

So it’s not too late to keep this place from becoming Calcutta, but the rules need to change. Also, it would help if the idiots became less idiotic. Hey, you know what would help? The idiots? If there weren’t so many of them, that would help.

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