Latitude 24 56N 80 32W

24 56.15N 080 32.84W

Hen and Chickens reef, off Islamorada ocean side.

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2 Responses to Latitude 24 56N 80 32W

  1. Phineas Foo says:

    I bet the snorkeling is fantastic. I’d love to see all the colorful hens and chickens swimming around the reef.

  2. ecto says:

    It was so cool! We saw fishy-fish, a ray, a little reef shark, and lots of coral. Also a sea turtle! I was looking off the boat, saw a clump of seagrass with a head poking up, said to myself “What’s an iguana doing way out here among the hen and chickens?” Then it resolved into an authentic Mutual of Omaha moment.

    Also: what’s up with ‘Hen and Chickens’? The explanation says it’s named because it looks like a hen and her chicks from the air. Okay. So, again: why “Hen and Chickens”?

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