looking for a few amenable Shiite extremists

Team working up new strategy for Iraq war – CNN.com

…the announcement apparently is an acknowledgment that the traditional war-fighting stance of trying to capture or kill all insurgents is failing, that the country may have devolved into a civil war, and that the only way to proceed is to use military force sparingly and attempt to bring many insurgents into the fold.

NEW: Strategy could involve negotiating with amenable Shiite extremists.

Amenable Shiite extremists! Amenable Shiite extremists! Amenable Shiite extremists!

Calling all amenable Shiite extremists! Do you have what it takes to join our joint campaign plan redesign team? Do you? Well, do you, punks?

Note: Unamenable Shiite extremists & ‘determined’ suicide bombers need not apply.*

* Until we’re even more desperate to leave than we are now. Say 2009 or so.

This is what happens when people who are used to winning realize they’ve lost but don’t realize everyone else already knows that. So they continue to make noises and move their arms about and cobble together insane plans–insane plans.

Amenable Shiite extremists!

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  1. Mr. Natural says:

    We are the rich and lazy being led by the richer and insaner…what a world of hurt we are in! Thanks for the link.

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