Mayor McCheese and other corporate shills

I despise companies that try to force me to learn new words for old things.

I walk into a hamburger joint, I’m ordering a hamburger. A big mac? No, get me a god damn hamburger. Would you like a grande frappucino? No. No, I would not. Gimme a medium coffee, you retarded, advertisement-spewing tool.

The best thing you can do is not watch television. The second best thing is, if there’s a show that you simply have to see, when the commercials come on, mute them.

It’s instructive to watch a commercial without sound; for instance, car commercials. Balloons rise, flags wave, mud splatters, and salesmen walk briskly from one side of the shot to the other, like they have some fucking purpose. They’re busy busy busy! Things is hapnin down at the dealership, so come on down! We have purpose; trust us! We’re smiling, for chrissake! Give us your money!

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