more on eye-mation

I’ve been thinking a lot about David’s eye-thing (see the comments on this). I’m pretty sure that it will happen eventually, at least for people with a lot of disposable income. It’ll be another marker setting apart the Haves and Have-nots, which is an issue all by itself, but it will also have giant applications that I would love to have access to if I can ever get over the Big Brother ramifications of the thing.

It’s obvious that a thing we put in our eyes that allows some kind of graphic to be projected into our visual space, so that it looks like it’s ‘out there’ with everything else we can touch, would change the way we live our lives. Like computers, like the transistor, like the automobile and jet airplanes, it would change everything. Consider this an example of a billion uses: I’m outside at night, looking at the stars, and I’ve forgotten what the bright one on the southern horizon is called. I would think or say “Info” while I’m looking at it; words would appear in the sky, along with an arrow pointing at the star. “Antares, right here. More?”

Or I’m at a party, and somebody I haven’t seen in years comes up to me and starts talking. I think to myself “Info,” and a name and an arrow pop up next to this person: “Johnny Fumedecor, right here. More?”

I’m assuming a level of informational access and pattern recognition that we probably don’t quite have yet, but it’s coming.

There are a billion other uses, and as long as we individuals can control our own records of accessing it, it could be wondrous.

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