my hosting service is falling apart

Recently, my hosting service (Midphase) has started to come apart at the seams. It’s one thing to have no access to the database and get the consequent “WordPress Database Error” message; it’s another thing entirely when whole posts get swallowed up into the ether, which is what happened today. Two whole posts….gone.

Midphase has been telling us to bear with them as they move their servers from one farm to another, but that’s been going on for (literally) months now, and what should have been an improvement has resulted in the kind of service I’d expect only from drunken marmots. I didn’t mind…too much…when all I was losing was a little up-time. Now that I’ve lost actual posts, though…probably time to look for someone else. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to my hosting service is falling apart

  1. annie says: seems to not be too funky. my friends have an ongoing blog that’s always accessible/easy posting/etc.( (Aunt Fanny on the Doublewide Salon).

  2. ectostan says:

    The only problem with that (and one of the problems I ran into when this blog was on many moons ago) is that you can’t have your own url there. That’s right, right? It’s always I’m too used to having a couple urls I can call home to do that again, no matter how much less hair-pulling I’d end up doing.

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