my neighbor shows his ass

This morning I awake to find that a Bush/Cheney sign has sprouted in my neighbor’s lawn, like a mushroom. It’s a week before the election, and now our short cul-de-sac is no longer an all Kerry bastion. Before, courtesy of Carole and me, our little dead-end road was staunchly democrat, in that the only signs up were in our lawn. Now my world has darkened.

It’s funny; I didn’t realize my neighbor pulled in over 200 grand a year and feasted on the bodies of children. I could’ve sworn he was a navy petty officer working part-time as a policeman to make ends meet.

I know others who eat babies, of course. My brother; the guy I sit next to in Microbiology; my mother (my own mother!). The garbagemen who picked up everybody else’s garbage today, but left ours on the curb, they almost certainly enjoy a baby from time to time.

May God forgive the baby eaters.

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