or you could just Google it

I tried to get my little pickup truck an inspection the other day, but the guy at Snowball & Sons & Daughter–it may have been Snowball–told me the window tinting was too dark. I figured it might be, even though I bought it last year with a valid sticker on it. I guess I don’t know the right inspection guy to go to. So I’ve been driving it around for the last few weeks with an expired sticker, steeling myself to either get a professional tint remover to charge me a couple hundred bucks to remove the tinting, or set aside an entire day to do a bitter, half-assed job of it myself with a scraper and some razor blades. Then I remembered about the Google thing you kids have on the internets today, and typed in “how to remove tinting from a car window,” which returned this, which in turn saved me a bucket of time and money and made me feel very good about myself and the world for a few hours.

In sum, the Google you kids have today is substantially better than the card catalog system at Long Beach Public Library ca. 1979, which is worth remembering from time to time.

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