President Kerry

Wouldn’t it be great if John Kerry was President? Wouldn’t that be fine? The news is almost always loathsome nowadays, and it produces a kind of low-grade fever in me that I feel all the time. That would be gone! Replaced by something hopeful!

I’d open the newspaper in the morning with a lot less dread than I feel now.

I’ve read way too many articles about what Kerry did wrong and what he could’ve done better. What are these people talking about? Weren’t they here in November? That was a fucking close race! And we almost won!

And we’re supposed to reach out to a broader spectrum of people? Well, fuck that. Let those people come to us. There’s been one fiasco after another, and the public need to start using their melons. If this isn’t a country where people can use their own melons, life will get hard.

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