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David and I spent a week backpacking in Yosemite a few days ago (as we try to do most summers), and it was sensational. The best one yet. The secret to being the best one yet, I think, is that I prepared not at all for it. Usually I try to work up to one of these things by exercising pretty regularly for weeks and months beforehand, but not this time. This time I didn’t exercise at all and ate badly. Because of this, I had a great time and few to no aches and pains after leaving the mountains. A direct cause and effect relationship. I suppose staying every other night in the high sierra camps contributed to our well-being in some marginal way, but I like to think my slothful habits had more impact.

And I can recognize trends when I see them. Next year I plan to increase my pleasure by actively sabotaging my health. A 3 or 4 pint blood donation a week prior to our expedition should do the trick.

So we had a great time, and all goals were met. I even managed to snag a new desktop for the ‘puter:

As you know, the prettiest picture can fail as a desktop because it’s too cluttered, or dark in the wrong places, or stretches ridiculously, or any number of other things that make it interesting in the wrong way. So taking a desktop picture is kind of a trial-and-error event; in fact, the pictures I took with an eye toward their utility as desktops were uniformly unusable.

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  1. David says:

    I been trying a bunch of different ones. Lately using Venus over Hoffman.

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