Question: Why take diet pills when you can enjoy Aids?

PistolWimp – AYDS: America

I remember this commercial. I don’t remember it being so funny. And I guess the weird and irritating use of the word “question” to preface a question has been around longer than I thought.

I tried to find out what happened to Ayds, but I failed. The closest I could come was this NYT article saying that Jeffrey Martin Inc had sold the candy to Dep Corporation, and that Dep was “seeking a new name for its product because publicity about the deadly disease AIDS is hurting sales.”

The CEO of Jeffrey Martin Inc, a guy named Martin Himmel, went on to sell Gold Bond Powder (a product that is somehow linked to BC Powder, bumpkins, and hayseeds in my mind) to some other corporate entity in 1996 (link). Which was quite a feat, as Martin had been dead for five years (link).

I’m sure it all makes sense.

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