Republicans to Voters: “Fiction is Perverted”

The Virginia Race

In a news release and list of quotes posted Friday on the Drudge Report Web site, Sen. George Allen accused his opponent, former Navy Secretary Jim Webb, of “demeaning women” and “dehumanizing women, men and even children” through his fiction writings. At least two of the listed passages include children in sexual situations. Allen’s campaign did not include the press release and list of passages on its Web site, where press releases are generally posted. There was, however, a Thursday statement from Chris LaCivita, general consultant for the Allen campaign, saying some references in Webb’s novels are “disturbing” and “portray women as servile, subordinate and promiscuous.

You know, the press has some culpability here. They are the ones responsible for reporting this as actual news that matters, and because they do that, it matters to people who don’t know any better.

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