Scientists help bodies grow new organs

Scientists help bodies grow new organs.

A team of scientists and surgeons at a Melbourne hospital has developed a method of growing new organs within a patient’s body.

The article goes on to say that I’m not going to get a new liver or forearm next week. So it’s another false alarm.

I just want a little shot of amazing news to tide me over. Aren’t we due? I think we’re due. I think the last mind-blowing news was when the Berlin Wall came down. What was that, ’90? And don’t get me started on amazing health news; it’s been a goddamn biblical drought around here.

You people have rested on your “We’ve eradicated smallpox” laurels for one hell of a long time. You need to get back to work! Cure cancer and heart disease already! I mean, Jesus! Look at the time!

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