Sir, do you have a close, personal relationship with the stars?

My favorite constellation is Orion, as I’ve said before. The thing I like about Orion is its constellationness. It’s so obviously a constellation. I can show it to someone without the slightest knowledge of the stars, and he wouldn’t know its name, but he’d know it has a name. I think the only other constellation like it is the big dipper in Ursa Major. But the big dipper is too utilitarian to hold my interest, and I like Orion’s shape.

It’s important for me to have a personal relationship with the stars. I know it sounds holy-rollerish, but it’s true. I feel cozier when I can name what’s above me as well as what’s below.

Several times I’ve lost track of the stars, for whatever reason, for bad weather or boredom, and it’s always been kind of unnerving finally to come back out underneath them and struggle to suss what’s where. I need to keep track of the stars to feel connected to it all.

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