the best course of action

KINGSLAND, Ga. — A man who created suspicion by collecting items from various departments of K-Mart and taking them into the restroom just before closing time Wednesday arrested after police said they found him operating a methamphetamine lab in the bathroom.

After examining all the many variables, this man decided that his best course of action was to set up a meth lab in the bathroom in K-mart.

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  1. mach∏ says:

    This quote was odd. There were several grammatical errors in it, and I caught myself fixing them before I said to myself “It’s a quote, man.” I assume it was a developing story of some kind–I’ve run across several brand-new stories full of errors in the past few months which get fixed later. Still, it irks me to cut n paste something like that. It makes the story or idea look half-baked. Anyway.

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