the gods of crude oil will be most pleased

Crude oil futures closed at $55.40 US a barrel in New York, up $1.41 US, after a prominent investment bank suggested that oil markets could be in for a “super spike” that could see prices go as high as $105 US a barrel.

I have a superstition, which is this: if a grim thing is mentioned, or prepared for, then that thing will not happen.

Long ago, at Pizza Hut, when we didn’t want to work too hard, we used to set multiple order forms and multiple pens out on the counter to show the gods that we were ready for the mad Friday night rush. It was an offering to them, a way to show our respect for their powers. I remember Niles Gatian setting out rows and rows of order forms. Sometimes it even seemed to work; Friday would pass quietly, while we tip-toed.

So now that a Super Spike has been mentioned in the media, perhaps it won’t happen. Perhaps Mothra and Lester have been adequately mollified. Perhaps.

Because, you know, sometimes it works.

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