the lack of the courage of my convictions

Just now I finally took the Obama-Biden sticker off my truck, because I’m hauling it down to Long Beach to give it a general enema. It may be paranoia–but I don’t think so–to think that it will be serviced inadequately (if not actually sabotaged) because of a bumper sticker. But that’s my feeling, living here. Frankly, I can’t afford the courage of my convictions just now.

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2 Responses to the lack of the courage of my convictions

  1. arcturus says:

    Sad, but probably necessary. I’d do the same thing. Out here, I see the same cars in the Bart lot every day and I’ve noticed that the McCain bumper stickers have been removed, but not the Obama-Bidens. Nice.

  2. ecto says:

    Your neck of woods is better than my neck of the woods!

    In other news: the mechanics found a rat/squirrel/mouse/thing nest in my truck, next to the battery. The squatters couldn’t have been there long, since I eyeballed the spot only 2 weeks ago, and there was nothing there but the usual air and space that goes next to the battery. Rat/squirrel/mouse/things! Living in my engine!

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